Daniel Obediah Payne is from the town of Cow Head on the Northern Peninsula. 

For over a decade now, he has worked as a professional musician, performing the traditional music of Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as collecting songs and dance tunes from older traditional players around the province.

Starting in his teens with guitar and voice, Daniel has gone on to become proficient in a wide variety of instruments, including fiddle, accordion, mandolin, flute, whistle, and bodhran. His passion and virtuosity have taken him around the world, touring Australia, Japan, Ireland, Europe, Greenland, the UK, Canada and the US.  He has also enjoyed a successful career as an actor in theatre and film, including a starring performance as Ned Andrews in the mini-series Random Passage.

Daniel continues to work hard to help foster Newfoundland and Labrador's musical culture, giving workshops and masterclasses in traditional music, as well as teaching at the annual Vinland Music Camp and sitting on the board of the Soundbone Traditional Arts Foundation.  He also runs DOP Productions, a production company dedicated to educating and inspiring people of all ages. To date, DOP Productons has released four projects: The Four Stops, an album of traditional accordion music; Learning the Newfoundland Button Accordion Volume 1 and 2, a pair of instructional dvds; and Daniel’s first solo album, Chain, which won the Celtic Connections 2008 Album of the Year Award.  He is currently working on his first album of completely original compositions, as well as putting the final touches on Learning the Newfoundland Tin Whistle.