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Ontario Tour and French Shore Academy Documentary

Hi all,

I'm heading off to Ontario!  Just temporarily, on a tour that will include a bunch of concerts, some masterclass workshops, and a very cool performance with a choir at the University of Guelph!  I've been enjoying a fairly relaxing winter, was able to start off a few new projects including an album with my sister Stephanie, as well as the first steps towards a prototype of a new accordion I'm making!  Keep an eye out here for more news on that.  

Next week I'll be heading to French Shore Academy in Port Saunders on the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, to begin work on a documentary that will be filmed and edited by the students there!  I'm really excited about this project, which I've been working on with Ryan Wiltshire - a fantastic teacher at the school.  The documentary will explore the hands-on skills that are still very much part of the culture there but which are being displaced in an era of disposable consumerism.  The young people of the school will be full creative partners in the creation of this work, and they will spend time interviewing skilled persons in their communities, documenting their stories and their processes.  The results will be shared online.  I'm very happy to working again with the young folks at this great school.

After that it's off to Ontario!  Many thanks to Marta McCarthy of the University of Guelph for doing so much to help set up this little trip.  It's going to be a great adventure and I'm really excited to see some more of this part of Canada.  While there I'll be performing at the March Hare in Toronto, with some special guests, namely my wonderful brother Phillip Payne and my good friend Tom Power - gonna be a time!

To see where I'll be performing check out the Events page!

Sending my best to you all,




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