Greenland bound with Adventure Canada!

Hi folks!  In about 3.5 hours (less now - eeep!) I board the plane in Deer Lake to head to Toronto and from there (early) tomorrow morning to Greenland.  I'm crossing my fingers that Hurricane Maria keeps herself clear of Deer Lake airport, but at the moment it's looking...well...passable here in Corner Brook.  Fingers crossed!  I'll be working and travelling for the next three weeks with my wonderful friends at Adventure Canada, travelling my cruise ship through the incredible glacial fjords of Greenland, then crossing the Davis Strait to Labrador where some of the most stunning landscapes in the world are to be found, as well as some of the warmest people.  Speaking of warm people, we leave Labrador and head to St. John's long enough to pick up a new crowd of passengers and embark on a circumnavigation of Newfoundland.  It's going to be quite the time!  Hope you're all well and that Hurricane Maria leaves those of you in her path unscathed!  All my best, Daniel.


Shallow Bay Bound. Shore to Shore. Borrowed Black.  

I'll be getting on the road in a few hours time to head to my home town of Cow Head, set in beautiful Shallow Bay.  Every summer from May to September Cow Head is host to the Gros Morne Theatre Festival, a fantastic festival that has been producing world calibre theatre for over a decade now.  I got my start at the festival way back when I was just beginning my career as a musician and actor.  Every Monday night of the festival sees a guest artist perform and tonight, yours truly is the guest artist.  Should be a great evening!  For information on tickets visit


In upcoming news, two other shows are on the horizon.  On the 14th I'll be heading out east to St. John's for the Soundshift Festival which is taking place there as part of the International Conference on Traditional Music.  While there I'll be performing with A Crowd of Bold Sharemen and Wren Music from Devon in England.  Our show is called Shore to Shore and explores the connections between the music of Newfoundland and Labrador and the West Country of England.  Check the Concerts tab for more information! 


Then on the 18th its back to Corner Brook to open the dance/live music/theatre piece Borrowed Black, which I've spent the past month composing music for.  Borrowed Black, based on the children's book of the same name, is a dark fantasy of love, death, and redemption and features my ballet-dancing brother, Phillip Payne, as lead dancer.  I am beyond excited to work with Phillip and to bring this eerie tale to life!  For more information on tickets and showtimes visit


Trails, Tales and Tunes 2011

Hi everyone!

Well I've been missing from the world of Blog-land for the past month, been going flat out since my last post. A great visit to Slovenia, remounting Emile's Dream in St. John's, and a week in Port Saunders with the great students there! Been busy! I'm enjoying a rare day off now at Pittman's Restaurant in Norris Point (oop - cup of tea has arrived....ahhhh tea) where I've been taking part in the Trails, Tales and Tunes Festival. This has to be my favorite festival ever. It's hard to describe if you haven't been here. It's got heart and soul and is a true community celebration, and I feel lucky for every year they invite me back. The past two weeks, what music!

(sip of tea)

So on my day off now I'm working on the next project I'm a part of - I'll be doing musical direction for the Gros Morne Summer Theatre Festival's Neddy Norris Night. This year's focus is on local songs, stories and music, and I'm really enjoying having the chance to delve deeper into the music of my home region.

I've got my camera with me so I'll try and post a video and a bit of music sometime soon to share the spring here, looking out my window I can see the Bonne Bay hills, still patched with snow, quite beautiful. Till then, take care and be well!

Camden Market!

Some video of Camden Market taken on our visit to London! Played Birmingham last night, and off for a few days now. It's a gorgeous afternoon, I'm headed out now for a walk on the moor!


Okehampton Castle!

Hi all!

The tour rolls on, I'm writing this from my hotel in Birmingham, been having a really excellent time, great shows and great fun with the Wren Music crowd from Devon. They're wonderful musicians and the combination of the two sounds - Devon and Newfoundland - really works. Haven't had loads of internet access or time to upload things so the video blogging has been a bit slow! But here is some cool footage of a castle I shot while still in Okehampton, hope you enjoy it!