Arrived in England! Hello Okehampton!

Hi all, here's the first installment of my video blog. I'm going to do my best to update this regularly while on tour! I'm staying here in Oakhampton right now at the house of English folk duo Paul Wilson and Marilyn Tucker of Wren Music, the traditional arts organization for the Devon region. Take a look at the video to see their backyard and bit of the Oakhampton countryside, and also to hear a bit of improvised fiddle. Perhaps this tune will take shape and make its way onto my next album of original material!


Across the Pond

Hi all!

In my aisle row seat on the tarmac waiting to fly from Deer Lake to Toronto and then on to England, where I'll be touring for most of April with A Crowd of Bold Sharemen. I'm surrounded by people headed to Fort MacMurray, Florida, Montego Bay, or as one woman put it "anywhere warm". Not sure if Ft. Mac fits into that criteria. I'm guessing not. People are in a surprisingly good mood for the hour; I personally am running on virtually no sleep and would gladly burrow under some comfortable sheets and stay there for a week. Or weekend at least!

Finished a project with the kids at Humber Elementary in Corner Brook yesterday. I've been working with them all month to write a song based on stories they collected from their grandparents. Really rewarding! We wrote every word and every note of the song together including the chord progression and rhythm! Quite the collaboration!

England awaits! I'm considering doing a video diary of my travels there so stay tuned!

All my best,


Pancake Tuesday! Busy year coming up!

Hi all! Blogging this from the kitchen at the Pancake breakfast at St. John the Evangelist Church Hall, down at the end of West St. in Corner Brook. Been a busy morning, we've ran out of sausages and pancakes and toast and coffee and orange juice and beans, (we've run out of everything!)

but luckily more keeps showing up and production hasn't ground to a halt. Great to see so many people out for this fundraiser for homeless people in the region.

Haven't updated my page in awhile! I think some big changes are in store to the website, I've realized that I kind of find the current style a bit...bland. So stay tuned for a major update!

Busy year coming up! Right now I'm working with the kids at Humber Elementary writing a song based on stories they've collected from their grandparents. This is also March Hare week! For those of you who don't know, the March Hare is a long-running annual poetry and music festival happening each here in Corner Brook. I'll be playing at various events during Friday to Sunday run!

Then next week is St. Patrick's Day...week? I'll be playing with The Boys From The County Hell, a Pogues tribute band made up of myself and my cousins Jonny and Angie Payne, as well as Sherman Downey, Paul Lockyer, Neil Targett, Bill Allan, and Andrew Ross. It's a big sound! Look for us on both coasts - in Corner Brook at Whelan's Gate on the 17th, at the Rock House in St. John's on the 18th and again as the 19th as Sherman Downey and the Ambiguous.

I'll update my schedule soon and hopefully the site will have a new look very soon! Sending my best to you all!



Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


To everyone out there, sending my best for the Christmas season,and best wishes for a safe and joyful new year. Hope to see you in 2011!

- Daniel


Learning the Newfoundland Button Accordion Volume 2 Finally Available!

Hi all!

Whew! It's been a long road, working in spare time between other projects, but the second volume of Learning the Newfoundland Button Accordion is finally available! Click the Shop link to get it!


I am super proud of this project! It's designed for intermediate players who are looking to expand their knowledge and ability on the button accordion. Using popular tunes from the tradition here, I introduce challenging new aspects of playing, including using the basses, dressing up the tunes using ornaments and harmony, playing in new keys, and, for two and three row players, playing across the rows. The DVD will work with 1, 2 and 3 row accordions, in any of the following keys: C, D, or G.

If you've already worked through Learning the Newfoundland Button Accordion Volume 1, then you're ready to tackle Volume 2! If you work through both of these DVDs, you will have the tools you need to become a top-notch traditional button accordion player!

Click here to visit the shop and take your playing to the next level!